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homepageThank you for visiting the website of EthiCare Advisors, Inc., a leading medical cost containment organization. Our cost containment and medical claims settlement services are geared towards assisting medical claim payers control costs on high-dollar claims and claimants with chronic conditions. Our results have earned us a reputation in the medical cost containment industry as a professional organization that can quickly and accurately assess a claim and deliver multiple cost containment settlement options to the payer. Please take a moment to review our unique and flexible cost containment strategies to help you decide if EthiCare Advisors is the right partner for you.

Our cost containment team includes a wide spectrum of professional talent including medical coders/auditors, risk managers, and financial case managers skilled in the masterful art of negotiating fair and reasonable settlements with providers. Our goal is always to settle a claim that leaves both the payer and provider satisfied, however, when that is not possible, we offer alternatives to the payer and let the payer choose the direction of cost containment.

We are committed to designing, executing and continuously improving comprehensive cost containment programs tailored to your specific needs. EthiCare Advisors achieves significant savings that will improve your bottom line. You’ve already made the decision to seek out information on EthiCare’s cost containment services, why not get started saving money today!

Proven Leadership

A recognized expert in the areas of healthcare reimbursement, medical stop-loss insurance and small business entrepreneurship, Mr. Hartmann along with the help of his business partner John Criscione, was responsible for leading EthiCare Advisors to rank on the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies.

Author Mark S. Hartmann, Jr., MS